(The One Who has the power to humilite)

It is only Allah Who has the power to humiliate whomever HE wants as Allah said in the verse 26 of surah Aali-Imraan,(its English translation given here):

26. Say (O Muhammad SAW): “O Allah! Possessor of the kingdom, You give the kingdom to whom You will, and You take the kingdom from whom You will, and You endue with honour whom You will, and You humiliate whom You will. In Your Hand is the good. Verily, You are Able to do all things.

Allah said in surah Al-Mujaadilah verse 5 (its English translation is):

5. Indeed, those who oppose Allah and His Messenger are abased as those before them were abased. And We have certainly sent down verses of clear evidence. And for the disbelievers is a humiliating punishment.

Allah also said in surah Al-Mujadilah verse 21 (Its English translation is):

21. Allah has decreed: “Verily! It is I and My Messengers who shall be the victorious.” Verily, Allah is All-Powerful, All-Mighty.
The upper two verses prove that Allah has decreed honor and victory for Allah’s Messengers and those who oppose the Messengers shall be humiliated. According to these verses, Allah will give dominance to those who follow and obey Allah’s Final Messenger Muhammad salla Allaho alaihi wa sallam as now only His teachings are to be followed till the end of this world. Those who disobey and oppose Him salla Allaho alaihi wa sallam, shall be ultimately abased.

When the Muslims started following the way in which transactions are based on usury and interest, and also they are pleased with worldly gains and they discarded struggle for the Cause of Allah, then it is expected that Allah will bring upon this Ummah humiliation from which the Ummah will not be able to come out until its members return to the Deen that Allah has chosen for us..

This is true according to The Holy Quraan and Sunnah and in this there is a clue to rescue the Ummah from the present state of humiliation in which we find our Ummah (ourselves) now.

So all izzah and zhillah is in the HANDS of Allah. If you are true to Allah, Allah will give you Izzah otherwise zhillah.

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