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Al-Rahmaan (Ar-Rahmaan)

(The Compassionate)

This name of Allah has also come alone in the Holy Quraan for e.g.  (surah Taha, 5)
Al-Rahmaanu alal Arshi-stawa

(20:5).  (Allah) The Most Gracious is firmly established on the throne (of authority).

(55:1). Al-Rahmaanu

(55:2). allamal Qur’aan

(surah Al-Rahman, 1 and 2)


 (55:1). The Most Beneficent

(55:2). Taught the Qur’an,

The Beneficent, Gracious and Compassionate— is the quality of Allah due to which we enjoy all of the blessings in body as well as in the surrounding. This Attribute is equally beneficial for both of the Muslims and non-Muslims. Rather the non-Muslims and carefree non practicing Muslims enjoy more Rahmaaniah (blessings due to this quality) of Allah. The reason is that for the non-Muslims there is only Fire in the Hereafter. So any good that they do here is rewarded in this world with Allah’s blessings! A muslim, on the other hand, will be rewarded in the Hereafter. Also, it may be that a Muslim suffers punishment in this world for his wrong deeds.

This Attribute “Al-Rahman” proves the Perfect Mercy and Kindness of Allah – Mercy in extensive form reaching and benefitting everyone and everything in this world, in the oceans, on the earth and in the heavens in a way that all the creations are benefitting by this quality of Allah as well as they are protected from any type of harm. So all good to the creation happens due to this rahmaniyah and all evil is prevented due to this rahmaniyah.

Allah is Arhamur-Rahimeen – Allah has the greatest Mercy and Kindness on Allah’s creation.

The Mercy of Allah subdued His anger and His Mercy has manifestly filled up the whole world so all creatures are encompassed with the Mercy of Allah. Even the wild animals are so much merciful to their young ones although they do not expect good reward from them in return.

Similarly, Allah’s law system is full of Mercy – His Law is a light, Mercy, and guidance, and free justice for all. The people of wisdom can see the mercy and rahmaniyah in the law system revealed by Allah.

We must remember that the Rahmaniyah of Allah in this world is for all regardless of whether the person is Muslim or Unbeliever. That means: Here the name Ar-Rahmaan is  related to the blessings in this world. And therefore it is both for the Muslims and non-Muslims. No doubt, in the Here-After, all of the unique and numerous blessings in the Paradise will be due to the Attribute Ar-Rahmaan of Allah. But there the unbelievers will be deprived of those blessings.

The blessings of Allah due to Rahmaaniah are numerous. Allah said in surah Al-Nahal verse 18: 

18. If you want to count the blessing of Allah, you will not be able to count it. Surely, Allah is Forgiving Merciful. 


Here Allah used the singular word “ni’mah” which means a blessing. But Allah said that we cannot count it. Let us take the example of a single blessing “eyes”. 

This one blessing contains 2 eyes and not one. Allah gave us vision i.e. the ability to see with these two eyes.

Vision: We can see things in bright day, but we also have ability to see at night. Sometimes we come across a patient having night blindness. So we must be thankful to Allah for the ability to see even at night. Then there are patients who are color-blind. They cannot enjoy the beauty of this colorful world. Again, a patient may complain that he doesn’t know green color because he is color-blind for green color only. That means we have separate vision for each color. There are so many colors!!! Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar wa lillahil-hamd!!!

Then eyes are also the sign of beauty! Although Allah Almighty keeps our body’s balance through the ears but some of the balance is also maintained through the eyes. So one blessing is composed of many blessings! But this counting is according to our very little knowledge, Its full count may be beyond human understanding! Allah All-Mighty knows the best.

Then, o Jinn and humankind, which of the blessings of your Lord will you deny? 

When a single blessing cannot be counted then how can we count a collection of the blessings.

So we must be very thankful to Allah All-Mighty for HIS blessings and we must always pray to Allah to protect us from the loss of Allah’s Rahmaniyah. 222