Day: November 12, 2019


  • Al-Baaqee (The Everlasting One)

Everything will perish except Allah Azza wa Jall. Allah said in Surah Al-Rahmaan (Ar-Rahmaan) verse 26 and 27 (Its English translation is):

(55:26) All 25 that is on earth will perish,

(55:27) only the Person of your Lord, full of majesty and splendour, will endure. 

(55:28) So which of the wonders of your Lord will you twain – you men and jinn – then deny?26

Exp. note 25:

25. From here to verse 30, the jinn and the men have been informed of two realities:
First, neither you are immortal nor the provisions that you are enjoying in this world everlasting. Immortal and everlasting is the Being of the High and Supreme God alone Whose greatness this universe testifies, and by Whose grace and kindness you have been favored with these bounties. Now, if someone among you behaves arrogantly, it would be due to his own meanness. If a foolish person assumes haughtiness in his tiny sphere of authority, or becomes god of a few helpless men who fall into his hand, this force would not last long. A godhead that lags for a mere score or two score years in a corner of the earth whose size in this limitless universe is not even equal to a pea seed, and then becomes a legend of the past, is not something of which one may feel proud and arrogant.

The other important truth of which both these creations have been warned is: None of those whom you have set up as deities and removers of hardships and fulfiller of needs, apart from Allah, whether they are angels or prophets or the moon and the sun, or some other creation, can fulfill any of your needs. These helpless creatures and things themselves stand in need of Allah’s help for their needs and requirements. They themselves pray to Him for help. When they are not able to remove their own hardships, how will they remove your hardships? Whatever is happening in this limitless universe, from the earth to the heavens, is happening under the command of One God alone. No one else has any share in His Godhead. No one therefore can influence anyone else’s destiny in any way.

Exp. note 26:

26. Here, as the context itself shows, the word alaa has been used in the sense of excellences and perfections. Whoever of the mortal creatures is involved in vanity and self-arrogance and struts about thinking that his false godhead is everlasting, disavows Lord of the world’s glory and majesty by his conduct, if not by his tongue. His pride and arrogance by itself is a denial of Allah All-Mighty’s greatness and glory. Whatever claim he may make to an excellence by his tongue, or arrogate to himself such an excellence, it is indeed a disavowal of the rank and station of the real possessor of excellences and perfections.
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Allah said in surah Al-Furqaan verse 58 (the English translation is):

(25:58) (O Muhammad), put your trust in Him Who is Ever-
Living, Who will never die, and glorify Him with His praise. He suffices as the Knower of the sins of His servants,
Allah is the Owner of everything and that of the whole Universe. Allah Ta’aala is the Giver of death and life to everyone. Allah HIMSELF shall live forever. This whole universe is going to end at the ordained time by the Command of Allah All-Mighty. All of the mankind and jinn also will come to an end. But Allah will give us another life in the next world where Judgment shall be passed and then the human beings and the jinns shall remain forever, some in Hell and some in Paradise according to their faith and deeds.

Whatever we do here for this world, will perish and whatever good we do for the Hereafter shall remain with Allah to benefit us forever.

Allah Azza wa Jall said in the surah Al-Nahl (An-Nahl) verse 96 (its English translation is):

(16:96) Whatever you have is bound to pass away and whatever is with Allah will last. And We shall surely grant those who have been patient their reward98 according to the best of what they did.

Exp. notes:

1. The wealth and property of this world will perish and the Hereafter is everlasting. Therefore, your goal must be the Hereafter and you must desire and pray for its blessings.

2. Those who will remain steadfast in the severe trials in this world will get their ranks and rewards in the Hereafter according to their excellent deeds.

Thus Allah Azza wa Jall will live forever but Allah has ordained for us everlasting life in the Hereafter as is proven in the Holy Quraan. For proof see the verses 105, 106, 107 1nd 108 of the surah Hood (surah Hud). Their English translation is:

(11:105) And when the appointed Day comes, no one shall even dare to speak except by the leave of Allah. Then some will be declared wretched, others blessed.

(11:106) As for the wretched, they shall be in the Fire, and in it they shall sigh and groan.

(11:107) They shall abide in it as long as the heavens and the earth endure, unless your Lord may will otherwise. Surely your Lord does whatsoever He wills.

(11:108) And as for those who are blessed, they shall abide in the Garden as long as the heavens and the earth endure, unless your Lord may will otherwise. They shall enjoy an unceasing gift.
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Therefore, we must choose for ourselves Paradise in the Hereafter by striving hard for the pleasure of Allah and abstaining from HIS anger.