Day: November 1, 2019


Al-Jaami’ (The Gatherer)

Allah All-Mighty said in the verse 9 of the surah Aali-Imraan, (here is its English translation):

9. Our Lord, surely You will gather the people for a Day about which there is no doubt. Indeed, Allah does not fail in His promise.”

Allah Ta’aala is the One Who shall gather all mankind for Accounting on the Day of Judgment. None of the mankind will be able to disappear or remain absent from the Gathering of that Great Day. It is very easy for Allah Azza wa Jall to resurrect mankind from every corner of the earth! That shall happen with the 2nd sounding of the Trumpet! Whether a person died and was buried in the ground or drowned in an ocean or river or was burned to ashes—- no matter how he /she had died and where—– but everyone will be raised with body and soul as adult and then the scattered people shall be brought by angels by the Command of Allah to gather together!!!

The tafseer of the Holy Qur’aan says that the place of gathering will be the same earth. Before Resurrection it shall become a flat ground / field by the Will of Allah Azza wa Jall so that no curve or elevation or crookedness will be seen in it. Read the translation of the verses 105—107 of surah Taha:

105. They ask you concerning the Mountains: say, “My Lord will uproot them and scatter them as dust;

106. “Then He shall leave it (the earth) as a level smooth plain.

107. You will not see therein a depression or an elevation.”

Another translation of the same verse (Taha 107) is:

107. “Nothing crooked or curved will you see therein.”

Moreover, when all mankind is gathered, they will be naked and bare foot!

A hadeeth shareef narrated by Aa-ishah rAa: She said “ I heard Allah’s Messenger salla Allaho alaihi wa sallam saying”: “People will be gathered on the Day of Resurrection bare footed, naked and uncircumcised”. “I said, O the Messenger of Allah, will they see each other”? “He salla Allaho alaihi wa sallam said, “Ya Aa-ishah, the situation shall be too hard to look at each other”!

(Muslim and Bukhaari)
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People shall be in terrible state, the sun will be only one meel above and people will be sweating. (The meaning of meel in dictionary is a mile but in Fiq it is not clear to the scholars what is the real meaning of the word meel in the Hereafter). They will be covered by their own sweat up to different levels according to their faith and actions that they did in this world. So some will be covered up to his/ her ankles (their feet shall be under sweat), some up to knees, some up to his /her loins and some will be drowned up to his / her mouth.

There will be no shade except the shade of the Arshil-Azeem (the Great Throne of Allah All-Mighty). The believers with special qualities will be given place in that shade.

According to a hadeeth shareef (in Bukhaari and Muslim), narrated by Abu Hurerah rAa and Abi Sa’eed rAa: Allah’s Messenger salla Allaho alaihi wa sallam said, “seven will be provided shade by Allah on the Day when there will be no shade except the shade (of the Throne) of Allah, they will be; A just leader, a young person who was brought up in the worship of Allah, and a man whose heart is attached with masjid, two men who love each other for Allah, they meet and separate for the love of Allah, a man who is invited by a woman of high status and beauty, but he says, “I fear Allah”; a man (or woman) who gives charity in hidden so that what he spends with one hand the other hand doesn’t know about it, and a man (or woman) who remembers Allah in solitude and his eyes fill up with tears”.

Thus this Gathering shall be for the purpose of Accounting and passing judgment. You can see the details of different stages and Accounting on the Day of Gathering in the books of Hadeeth and also in the translation and tafseer (explanation/ commentary) of some surahs of the Holy Qur’aan.