Day: October 21, 2019


Al-Muta’aalee (The most High, The Self-Exalted)
This name comes from the word uluw which means very high. The dictionary meanings of this word “Uluw” include highness, loftiness and supreme. Another Attribute of the same meaning is Al-Ali which is present here. It should be read for more information. Al-Muta’aal is the more exaggerated form of Highness. Allah Azza wa Jall said in the surah Al-Ra’d (Ar-Ra’d) verse 9 (here only the English translation is given):

9. He is the Knower of the Invisible and the Visible, the Great, the High Exalted.

A hadeeth of the Prophet Muhammad (Allah’s Peace and Blessings be upon him) says:

“Anta Al-Zaahir falesa fawqaka she’ ( YOU are the Manifest, the Most High so there is nothing above YOU. Wa anta Al-Baatin falesa doonaka she’ (and YOU are the Most Hidden so there is nothing beyond YOU)”.


“There is nothing above YOU” literally means like physically there is none above YOU. But it also means that Allah is much much High than our capacity to understand Allah’s Highness!!! Therefore, we, Muslims, use the names Allah Azza wa Jall, Allah Subhaanahu wa Ta’aala and Allah Ta’aala.

 is from Azeez and it means the Owner of Dignity and Might.

 means the One Who has all the Awe-Inspiring Attributes.

 means HE has no fault or defect. And Ta’ala means the Most High, the Exalted.

So Allah is the Al-Kabeerul Muta’aal i.e. very High beyond our capacity to understand. Here the important point is that we must be careful from thinking of any shape or form or place for Allah All-Mighty. Allah Ta’aala and HIS Throne are beyond our understanding. We should not imagine Allah Azza wa Jall to be sitting on HIS Throne (We seek the refuge of Allah from such imaginations). Although Allah has the Throne but only Allah knows best about HIMSELF and HIS Throne. Allah is above the Throne while His Knowledge encompasses each and every place. So we can say that Allah Ta’aala is very High and the Most High, in whichever way Allah Ta’aala has made it befitting for HIMSELF.