Day: October 16, 2019

القادر, ألمقتدر, القدير

Al- Qaadir, Al-Muqtadir, Al-Qadeer,
(The All-Powerful)

The dictionary meaning of all of them is the All-Powerful. Al-Muqtadir also means the Creator of all power. The other meanings are the Omnipotent, the Sovereign, the Able and the Capable to do everything. All of these three names came in the Holy Quraan, the most frequently coming is Al-Qadeer, then Al-Qaadir and then is the Al-Muqtadir. Some of the verses mentioning these names are the following;

(Only their English translation is given):

Al-Baqarah 284;

(2:284) All that is in the heavens and the earth belongs to Allah. Whether you disclose whatever is in your hearts or conceal it, Allah will call you to account for it, and will then forgive whomsoever He wills, and will chastise whomsoever He wills. Allah has power over everything.

Faatir 44;

(35:44) Have they not journeyed in the earth to behold the end of those who went before them though they were stronger than them in might? Nothing in the heavens nor on earth can frustrate Him in the least. He is All-Knowing, All-Powerful.

Al-An’aam 65;

(6:65) Say: “It is He Who has the power to send forth chastisement upon you from above you, or from beneath your feet, or split you into hostile groups and make some of you taste each others’ violence. Behold, how We set forth Our signs in diverse forms, so that maybe they will understand the Truth”.

Exp. note 42:

42. God’s punishment can strike in an instant. This is the warning to those who, supposing such punishment to be remote, were growing bolder in their hostility towards the Truth. They could be destroyed in a moment by a hurricane. Just a few earthquake trernors could raze villages and cities to the ground. Likewise, a few spark, of hostility could ultimately wreak such havoc among tribes. nations and countries that bloodshed and lawlessness plague them for years on end. Hence if they are spared punishments for a while that should not drug them to heedlessness and lead them to live in total disregard of distinctions between right and wrong. They should rather be grateful that God had given thern respite and by means of a number of signs He was making it possible for thern to recognize the Truth and foliow it.

Al-Kahf 45;

45.And put forward to them the example of the life of this world, it is like the water (rain) which We send down from the sky, and the vegetation of the earth mingles with it, and becomes fresh and green. But (later) it becomes dry and broken pieces, which the winds scatter. And Allah is Able to do everything.

All of these names prove the Attribute of the power of Allah. Allah is the Absolute Owner of all Power. The presence of the universe and its management are all due to the Power of Allah.

It is the Creative Power of Allah that HE created Adam alaihi salaam from mud and then created Hawa (eve) alaiha salaam from the left rib of Adam alaihi salaam. Then Allah Almighty continued the creation of all mankind by the union of male and female cells. And also Allah the Greatest created Eisa (Jesus) alaihi salaam from a single parent and that was his mother Maryam (Mary) alaiha salaam!

Then Allah has the Power to give us all a new life at the time of Resurrection and pass judgment on all of us.

According to the saying of the Prophet (Allah’s Peace and Blessings be upon him), Allah, the All-Powerful, had prepared Hell long before the creation of man. So the angels used to weep a lot due to fear that if they made a mistake, they would be punished in Hell. But after the creation of man, the angels understood the purpose of Hell (that it was made to punish mankind and jinn) and they stopped weeping. Allah’s Power is such that Allah when decrees a matter, just says to it “kun” which means “be” and it happens right then and there!!!

According to a Hadeeth shareef narrated by Aanas rAa, the Prophet Muhammad (Allah’s Peace and Blessings be upon him) said that the hearts of all mankind are between two fingers from the fingers of Allah and Allah turns them (the hearts of mankind) as HE wills. Therefore the Prophet (Allah’s Peace and Blessings be upon him) used very frequently to make du’aa, “Ya Muqallib-al-quloob, thabbit qalbee ala Deenik”.
( Al-Tirmidhee and Ibn. Maajah),
This du’aa means, “O the Turner of hearts, keep my heart strong on your Deen (Islam)”.


Thus according to this Hadeeth Shareef, Allah Almighty will guide a heart or let it go astray as HE wills but the Will of Allah depends upon Allah’s vast knowledge and wisdom. Therefore, we must also make the same du’aa.

Also this is due to the Power of Allah that no one can encompass some thing from the Knowledge of Allah. If Allah wills, HE gives knowledge to whomever HE wills.

Allah created the heavens and the earth in six days and didn’t become tired!!! No one can humble Allah while everyone is in the control of Allah. None of the numerous eyes can see Allah while Allah can see each eye and each look along with the intention of the servant behind his looks. Anything that Allah wants shall happen and what Allah doesn’t want shall not happen.

Our destiny is also due to the Power of Allah. We must believe in destiny that the good and evil thereof is from Allah. If a person believes in Allah but does not believe in destiny then his faith is not perfect (he is like unbeliever). Belief in Destiny is one of the articles of the Faith of Islam.

Allah the All-Mighty said:

Surah Al-Qamar 49 (English translation):

49. Verily, We have created all things with Qadar (Divine Preordainments of all things before their creation, as written in the Book of Decrees Al-Lauh Al-Mahfuz).

Another translation of the same verse:

49. Indeed, all things We created with predestination.
3rd translation of the same verse:

49. Verily, all things have We created in proportion and measure.

Al-Ahzaab 38:

38. There is no blame on the Prophet (SAW) in that which Allah has obligated upon him. That has been Allah’s Way with those who have passed away of (the Prophets of) old. And the Command of Allah is a decree determined.

Al-Furqaan 2:

2. He to whom belongs the Sovereignty of the heavens and the earth: He has chosen no son nor has He any partner in His Sovereignty. He created all things, and ordered them in due proportions.
We must fear Allah the All-Powerful because we have no way to escape Allah’s Justice and Allah’s Justice shall take people to Hell.