(The Counter /The Numberer of all, The Accounter)

Allah has the count of everything as is proved by the verses of the Holy Quraan. So Allah knows how many hairs are there on the head of every human being, or how many hairs are on the sheep skin, how many leaves in each tree and so on!!! Nothing can escape the Count of Allah. Allah said in surah Al-Jinn 28 (Its translation is):

28.That He may know that they have conveyed the messages of their Lord; and He has encompassed whatever is with them and has enumerated all things in number.

Surah Al-Naba 29 (translation):

29. And all things We have enumerated in writing.

Surah Yaseen12 (translation):

12. Indeed, it is We who bring the dead to life and record what they have put forth and what they left behind, and all things We have enumerated in a clear register.

If we start counting our sins we can’t, or if we start counting our good words and bad words that we spoke in a week, we will not be able to do so. Thus Allah said in the surah Al-Mujaadilah verse 6:

Al-Mujaadilah verse 6 (Translation):

6. On the Day when Allah will resurrect them all together (i.e. the Day of Resurrection) and inform them of what they did. Allah has kept account of it, while they have forgotten it. And Allah is Witness over all things.

Allah is always present with us. Allah said in the Holy Quraan that if we are 4 people then Allah is the 5th ONE and in case we are 5 then Allah is the 6thONE and so on. You can read this statement in the verse 7 of surah Al-Mujaadilah.
7. Have you not considered that Allah knows what is in the heavens and what is on the earth? There is in no private conversation three but that He is the fourth of them, nor are there five but that He is the sixth of them – and no less than that and no more except that He is with them [in knowledge] wherever they are. Then He will inform them of what they did, on the Day of Resurrection. Indeed Allah is, of all things, Knowing.


Surah Maryam verses 93 and 94 (translation);

93. There is none in the heavens and the earth but comes unto the Most Beneficent (Allah) as a slave.

94. Verily, He knows each one of them, and has counted them a full counting.

As Allah Suhaanahu wa Ta’ala said in Surah Yaseen verse 12: “…… and We record what they have put forth and what they left behind, and all things We have enumerated in a clear register”so whatever we leave behind are called“aathaar”. Accordingly, if we teach a person the Holy Quraan, our this action is counted and recorded, and after our death the reward will come after us as long as the student keeps on reading the Quraan and understands and follows it.

A child is the responsibility of parents. If a parent gives him good training and education so that the child becomes a good practicing Muslim, the hard work of the parent is counted and recorded. The reward will continuously go after the parent who has now passed away. If the child is neglected and left to go astray, the punishment will be ordained for the parent due to the negligence.

Surah Al-Kahf 49 (translation):

49. And the record [of deeds] will be placed [open], and you will see the criminals fearful of that within it, and they will say, “Oh, woe to us! What is this book that leaves nothing small or great except that it has enumerated it?” And they will find what they did present [before them]. And your Lord does not do injustice to anyone.


The Prophet (Allah’s Peace and Blessings be upon him) used to do dhikar all the time as Aa’ishah rAa informed us. The Companions rAa tried their best to avoid useless talking because everything is counted and recorded in our books of deeds. As a result some of them used to have a count of his words spoken from one juma’ (Friday )to the other.

May Allah make us careful about our words and actions because our words and actions are counted and registered in our books of deeds and we all shall be accounted according to that record!!!

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