Al-Haqq (The Truth)

According to the book of the beautiful names of Allah Subhaanahu wa Ta’ala, this name came in the verses of the Holy Quraan at ten places. The translation of some of those verses is:

Surah Younus, 31— 32;

 (10:31) Ask them: ‘Who provides you with sustenance out of the heavens and the earth? Who holds mastery over your hearing and sight? Who brings forth the living from the dead and the dead from the living? Who governs all affairs of the universe?’ They will surely say: ‘Allah.’ So say: ‘Will you, then, not fear Him?” 

(10:32) Such, then, is Allah, your true Lord.38 And what is there after truth but error? How, then, are you being turned away?39


Exp. note 38:

38. That is, as you yourselves admit that Allah alone is your real Provider, Owner and Master, He alone is your true Lord, and, therefore, entitled to your servitude and worship. How have you, then, made others as partners with Him?

Exp. note 39:

39. It should be kept in mind that these questions have been posed to the common people: therefore they are not being asked, “How are you turning away?” but “How are you turned away” The passive voice clearly shows that there must be some person (or persons) who was turning away the people from the right direction to the wrong one. That is why this appeal is being made to the people: Why are you blindly following those who are misguiding you? Why don’t you use your own common sense? When you yourselves admit the truth about Allah, why don’t you consider the fact that you are being turned away from Him?

This question has been posed at many places in the Quran to bring home the truth to the common people, but at every place the passive voice has been employed in order to keep back the names of the misguiding ones so that their followers should consider the matter coolly and objectively. This also contains a valuable piece of advice for those engaged in propagation work. By avoiding the names of the misguiding ones, the Quran has taken away a very strong weapon from the hands of those, who could otherwise incite the followers that their revered leaders were being made the target of ridicule and criticism.

Surah Al-Hajj, 61 and 62 (translation):

(22:61) So shall it be106 because it is Allah Who causes the night to emerge out of the day and causes the day107 to emerge out of the night and Allah is All-Hearing, All-Seeing.108

Exp. notes 106–108

106. “That is” (as stated in the preceding paragraph) because Allah is the Ruler of the universe and has the power to give punishments and rewards to those who deserve them.

107. The fact that “Allah causes………night” is a proof that He is the Master, Sovereign and Ruler of the universe. But the deeper meaning of the verse is that Allah, Who is able to bring forth the light of the day out of the darkness of the night, has the power to bring out the light of the truth out of the darkness of disbelief and ignorance, and the light of justice out of the darkness of tyranny.

108. He hears everything and sees everything and is not unaware of anything.

(22:62) So shall it be because Allah, He is the Truth, and all whom they invoke instead of Him are false.109 Allah is Most High, All-Great. 
Exp. note 109:

109. As Allah is in fact the Sovereign of the universe, His worshipers will surely attain true success and the worshipers of false gods will meet with utter failure. 
Surah Al-Mo’minoon, 115, 116 and 117 (translatin);


(23:115) Did you imagine that We created you without any purpose,102 and that you will not be brought back to Us?” 

(23:116) So, exalted is Allah,103 the True King! There is no God but He, the Lord of the Noble Throne. 


Exp. note 103:

103. Allah is above this that He should create you without any purpose and that you may associate partners with Him with impunity. 

(23:117) He who invokes any other god along with Allah ” one for whom he has no evidence”104 his reckoning is with his Lord alone.105 Indeed, these unbelievers shall not prosper.106


Exp. notes 104—105:

104. It may also be translated as: The one who invokes any other deity along with Allah, has nothing to support him in this act.

105. That is, he cannot escape accountability.

The name Al-Haqq means that Allah is the Absolute Truth, there is no doubt in Allah’s existence, nor in Allah’s names and attributes. There is no doubt in Allah’s God-Hood. Thus only Allah is the True God. There is no God besides Allah. Allah is the Truth, His names and Qualities are the Truth, His Words and Actions are truth, HIS Commands and Laws (HIS Deen) are Truth, His Messengers were all the Truth and so on.

The verses mentioned above along with their exp. notes make it very clear that in reality, only Allah is the Creator of all, the Sovereign of all, the Cherisher, the Provider, the Owner of all power, the Giver of death and life, the Giver of harm and profit and the Acceptor of supplication, is only Allah. When we, in states of restlessness, pray to God, then it is only HE (Allah) WHO accepts our prayers and removes our trouble. Then surely it is and it must be only Allah WHO deserves our worship. So we must worship none except Allah, and must obey Allah and HIS Prophet (Allah’s Peace and Blessings be upon him). If not then we are surely returning unto Him and we will face the accounting in Allah’s Court. For us there is no way of escape from Allah’s Justice! And Allah’s punishment for the unbelievers and disobedient servants is very severe and lasting!!!

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