Day: September 25, 2019


Al-Majeed (The Majestic One)

Al-Majeed is the Great Name of Allah Almighty mentioned in the following verses of the Holy Qur’aan. The translation of the verses of Surah Hood 73 and surah Al-Burooj 14—15 is:

Surah Hood (Hud) 73:

73. They said: “Do you wonder at the Decree of Allah? The Mercy of Allah and His Blessings be on you, O the family [of Ibrahim (Abraham)]. Surely, He (Allah) is All-Praiseworthy, All-Glorious.”

When the angels gave good news to Ibraheem alaihi salaam and his wife about the birth of their son Is-haaq alaihi salaam and then his son Yaqoob alaihi salaam while they were very old, the wife of Ibraheem alaihi salaam was struck with wonder, so the angels said the words mentioned in this verse. For more understanding, see the verses 69 —-73.

Surah Al-burooj 14—15:

14. And He is the Forgiving, the Loving,

15. Owner of the throne, the Glorious

Its meaning is great, high and vast from all excellent points of view. In short, a servant cannot explain it in his/her words. Allah is the Absolute Owner and Lord of all Honor, Nobility, Glory and Dignity. Allah’s Majesty is manifest in HIS creation. There are numerous signs of the Glory and Majesty of Allah in the universe, we pass on them day and night so it is our duty to humble ourselves in the presence of Allah All-Mighty and celebrate HIS praises as well as worship only HIM (Allah).

Allah’s Majj’d (Glory and Dignity) is repeatedly mentioned in the Holy Quraan. Rather the Holy Quraan is a Book of the Tamjeed (Great Nobility) and Ta’zeem (Great Honor) of Allah All-Mighty. Most of Allah’s verses are full of the beautiful names of Allah. We can take three examples.

1. Surah Al-Faatihah,

2. Aayatul-Kursee,

3. Surah Al-Ikhlaas.

1. Surah Al-Faatiha:

According to a hadeeth narrated by Abu Hurairah rAa, (reported in the Saheeh Muslim), the Prophet (Allah’s Peace and Blessings be upon him) said that Allah says:

“I divided the Al-Faatihah into two halves between ME and MY worshipper and for My worshipper is that what he asks for. When the servant/worshipper says, ‘Alhamdu-lillahi Rabbil- aalameen’, Allah says, ‘MY servant has praised ME’. When the servant says, ‘Al-Rahmaani-Al-Raheem’. Allah says, ‘MY servant has celebrated MY praises’. And when the servant says, ‘Maliki Yawmid-Deen’. Allah says, ‘MY servant has dignified ME’. When he (the servant) says, ‘iyyaka na’budu wa iyyaka nasta’een’. Allah says, this is between ME and MY servant’ and for MY servant is that what he asks for’. And when he says, ‘ihdina Siratal-Mustaqeema, siratalladheena an’amta alaihim ghairil-maghdoobi alaihim wa la-addaaleen’. Allah says, ‘This is for MY servant and for MY servant is that what he asked for’.

In fact the whole prayer contains the Glory and Dignity for Allah the Greatest. In the bowing and prostrations Allah’s Greatness and Honor is praised. When we sit (in the qa’idah) we end it by the saying, innaka Hameedun-Majeed. Thus we start our prayers with hamd wa tamjeed and finish it with the same.

2. The Aayatul-Kursee is the highest of the verses in the Holy Quraan. It has 5 of the beautiful names of Allah, and has more than 20 great qualities of Allah. It has great safety and security for us by the Will of Allah. So we must recite it 3—7 times in the morning and evening for our safety and security. It has got special servants to help the reciter in time of danger.

3. Surah Al-Ikhlaas. This surah gives the Absolute ONENESS of Allah and due to the Great Qualities of Allah mentioned in this short surah, it has a reward for the reciter, which is equal to the one-third of the Holy Quraan.

We must remember Allah all time. This must be in addition to our obligatory and non-obligatory prayers. According to a hadeeth shareef of the Prophet (Allah’s Peace and Blessings be upon him) angels go around in search of those who do dhikar (remember Allah). They pass by some people who say, “Subhaan-Allahi wa Alhamdulillahi wa laa ilaha illa-Allaho wa Allaho Akbar”. The angels take that dhikar to the heaven and report to Allah All-Mighty. Allah asks them, “Have they seen ME?”
The angels reply, “No”. Then Allah asks the angels, “What if they had seen ME?” The angels reply, “then they would be more active in your worship”. Allah says, “Alright, be witnesses that I have forgiven them”.

(Allah knows best the saying of HIS Prophet (Allah’s Peace and Blessings be upon him). I heard this hadeeth on you tube.)